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Brief Word About The Bahá’í Faith



place mouse over imageGod's Greatest Name symbolhe Bahá'í Faith is deeply spiritual yet embraces the humanistic philosophy that all major world religions come from the same God. 

Any differences in these religions stem from the age and culture in which they were revealed, and the fact that the revelations they present are progressive in nature, each building on the foundation laid by previous revelations.

The Bahá'í  Faith promotes gender, racial and economic equality; universal education; harmony between science and religion; balance between nature and technology; and the development of a world Federal system.

Most of the writings included in this website are told through the experiences of the author in her Search for the Meaning of Life – the Eternal Quest for God.  

By way of creative prose (both fiction and non-fiction), humor, narrative poetry and dramatic adventures, this website explores:

By presenting these examples of how God works, both in individual lives and the history of the world, hope can be engendered for the healing of pain in all its permutations and causes, by this so mighty a Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh.  

To help you better understand the role of Bahá’u’lláh and other figures who are central to the Bahá’í Faith, the website also includes short sketches of episodes portraying the lives, immense suffering, and core strength of the Central Figures of the Faith:

These sections can be reached from here or from the Table of Contents.

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