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What This Site Does; How Best To Use It


t is easy to navigate around this website


On each page, you will find a menu on the left-hand side.  Often, the menu will be short, sometimes listing only one or two logical choices.

On chapter pages, the left-side menu lists specific chapter sections, which may include prose, narrative verse, or meditations ... or a combination of these elements.  

header floral designYou can return to the Home Page from any page by clicking on  the words By God Possessed at the very top... or on the orange design at the top left of every page..


The Table of Contents


The Table of Contents, which you can reach by clicking “Table of Contents” at the top right of any page, lists each chapter for ready reference and includes a sysnopsis for each chapter.  You can go directly to any chapter directly from the Table of Contents.


Tips for Successfully Printing Website Pages


Regardless of the type of browser you may be using (examples: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox/Mozilla), pages may not fully print using your browser's default settings; some text may be missing or cut off at the right margin.

Always use your browser's "Print Preview" feature to preview how the page will print out before you actually print it.  If the preview shows that text is missing on the right side or at the bottom, set your browser's Print Preview "Scale"  or "Shrink To Fit" feature to set the percentage to 60% or 70%.  That way, the entire page will print.


Images and Photos in this website...


Throughout this website, you will find images and photos of stars, planets, the universe, landscapes...separately and together an indication of the author's fascination with the universe and the vastness of God's reach in bringing wonderment and beauty to humankind.

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