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Shrine of the Báb
Haifa, Israel




If you are like me all too human ...
... then you are seeking answers to the puzzles of religion and faith.Shrine of Bab, Night View


These pages are for you no matter what your religion may be.


You may have questioned where religion fits in the scheme of our chaotic world or whether it fits at all, or you may have doubted the tenets of your own faith that did not seem to fit in the world as we see it and live it every day.

You may have asked yourself and others: “Does a God exist?” 

Although these same questions haunted me, I came to understand that their answers do not lie in one single enlightening  “Aha!” moment.  Instead the search takes us to much smaller “Aha!” moments, each appearing at just the right time to help us better frame the next question. 

The answers I found may not be the answers for you, but they could possibly point out a direction in which to look.


I invite you, through the thoughts, creative fiction, non-fiction, and poetic narratives found here, to share the inspiration that I have drawn from those smaller "Aha!" moments ... and especially from the Bahá'í Faith, which has shaped my life and the lives of many others.

Again, welcome.  Explore these pages as often as you like.  They draw their inspiration from every religion and, we hope, may aid you on your own journey through life.

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